Pint of Ritas

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Blanco tequila, triple sec, lime juice, agave syrup. Because when life gives you 2020, drink more tequila. 

Makes 2  to 4 drinks, depending on how 2020 you are feeling.

Recommended Glassware: 12oz highball glass or novelty glass.

Salt, or don't salt, the rim of the glass-we don't judge.

Shake 1/4 the jar's contents with crushed ice or cubed ice. Pour into glass.

Add more ice to fill. Garnish lime wedge, squeeze the lime and drop into the drink, but use the lime---we will judge.

Sip. Sip again. Feel the day sliding by. Sip yet again. Sigh. 

*Bring back your empty mason jar and get $2.99 off your next pint cocktail or 16 oz beer fill!