American Blonde Ale -

Bombshell Blonde

Light / Mellow / Easy Drinking

American Blonde Ale

Brewmaster’s Notes:

First Brewed in 2002. Part of Franklins’ Core Four of year round beers, our Bombshell is our lightest offering. It's brewed with pilsner malt and lightly hopped with Cascade and Hallertau. Using American ale yeast and fermented at a lower than typical temperature helps keep this beer clean, crisp, and almost lager-like. A great thirst quencher during the warmer months.

Beer Stats:

Malt - Pilsner

Hops - Cascade, Hallertau

Color/SRM - Straw/2.8

Original Gravity - 1.045

Alcohol By Volume - 4.5%

Bitterness/I.B.U. - Mild/15

Yeast - American Ale

Availability - Year Round - On Tap, Bottles, Growlers, Sixtel Kegs


2014 - Bronze - Great International Beer Competition