About the Brewery

A Family Friendly Brewpub Since 2002

How Our Beer Is Made 

Our beers are brewed in house by our brewmaster Jeff Hancock on a 10-barrel Bohemian Brewing Company system (see our end-to-end brewing process here). We focus on brewing a wide variety of styles, and are extremely proud to have 18 beers on tap at a time, plus a house-made, caffeine- and gluten-free root beer. Our root beer is made with cane sugar and is nature-friendly too — we’ve partnered with the Anacostia Watershed Society to donate $0.10 for every root beer bottle returned. See the back of our bottle for details.

In addition, Franklins' beers are never pasteurized, nor are any chemical preservatives or additives used. Many of our beers are fit for vegan consumption and any product like lactose (milk sugar) or honey will be noted on the beer menu. Explore the full A-Z selection of our beers.

Awards and Recognition

Franklins has won over 180 awards at competitions like the Great British Beer Festival, the Great International Beer Competition, the United States Beer Tasting Championship, and the Maryland Craft Beer Competition. 

Ways to Enjoy Our Beers

Visit Us in Historic Hyattsville

Enjoy a cold one (or several) at our location in historic Hyattsville, Maryland. Our current draft beers (including our house-made root beer) are available to take home in bottles or in growlers (16 oz, 32 oz, or 64 oz).

Wholesale Distribution

If you represent a bar, restaurant, or retail store and would like information on carrying our products, send inquiries to our brewmaster Jeff Hancock

For a Good Cause

Franklins is dedicated to giving back to the community which has supported us for the past 20 years, donating over $200,000 through our Franklins Fundraisers program. Franklins Fundraisers are a fun and effective way to raise money for your school or non-profit organization. For more information, or to book your organization’s fundraiser, contact us at (301) 927-2740.

Rent a Keg

We’re excited to be able to offer our draft beer through our General Store, but because we are still a small brewery, we currently only offer 1/6 barrel (5.16 gallon) kegs. Contact brewmaster  Jeff Hancock at least 72 hours in advance to reserve your keg, and we will send an email to confirm the reservation.
Keg Pricing
  • Bombshell Blonde, Rubber Chicken, Twisted Turtle - $95 per keg
  • Private I.P.A. - $110 per keg
  • Double I.P.A. - $125 per keg 
  • Seasonals/Specialty - $95 and up per keg 
Some special beers may fall outside of these ranges and will be priced accordingly. Prices do not include sales tax.

For our keg rentals, we require a cash, check, or credit card deposit of $100 for each keg, and a $10 rental fee for each party tap that is taken out. Kegs with taps must be returned within 10 days of the date of purchase. Kegs without taps (for people with kegerators) must be returned within 60 days of the date of purchase. After your deposit period is up, we will process your deposit (i.e. cash your check).

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I tap a keg?

We’ll show you, or you can find one of the many instructionals on the Internet.

How long will kegged beer keep and why does it go flat?

It will keep for a few days if you keep the beer cold, but it progressively changes in taste with each day it’s exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump is like opening a 2-liter bottle of soda – it puts air into the container. Co2 then escapes the liquid and dissipates into the air, making the beer more flat. If the keg is constantly kept cool and under pressure in a kegerator, it will keep up to 8 weeks.

If I plan on drinking the keg over a period of a few days, what should I do?

Best thing to do is to untap the keg and keep the beer on ice! Cod beer will hang on to its Co2 longer. Do not pump more air into it – that’ll just oxidize the beer faster. Or… you could buy yourself a home Co2 draft beer system and be cool like we are.

What causes beer to foam?

Primarily, beer will foam when it is warm. Bouncing it down the stairs won’t help. Keep it on ice and keep it still and you will have a happy keg. 


More info coming.