English Porter -

Munton Chuck Porter

Bitter Chocolate / Fruit & Flowers / Good Day

English Porter

Brewmaster’s Notes:

First brewed in 2013. Brewed for the 2013 Craft Brewers Association Conference in Washington D.C. Utilizing ingredients from Munton’s Malting and Charles Faram Hops. A robust porter brewed with Munton’s malts along with Pilgrim and Sovereign hops from Charles Faram, both of the U.K. Full bodied with an assertive hop character and plenty of rich malt including notes of chocolate and roast.

Beer Stats:

Malt - Amber, Black, Chocolate, Crystal, Pale

Hops - Pilgrim/ Sovereign

Color/SRM - Deep Brown/33

Original Gravity - 1.074

Alcohol By Volume - 5.7%

Bitterness/I.B.U. - Medium/42 

Yeast - English Ale

Availability- Special One Off