COVID-19 Update

Friday, August 14, 2020
On Tuesday, a waiter/bartender, called us to say they were not feeling well. That person’s last shifts were Friday morning and a double on Saturday. Since the beginning of our time with the corona virus it has been our policy that all employees that feel ill needed to get tested for Covid-19. This person did. Unfortunately, today, the test came back positive.
In consultation with the Prince Georges County Health Department Communicable Disease Center and the national CDC guidelines, and with the utmost regard and concern for our employees, their families, our customers, and the Hyattsville community, we have decided to act with caution, and close until we feel as though we can reopen without risk of spreading infection. This closure encompasses the restaurant, General Store, and on line delivery services. We estimate reopening by next weekend.
Employees who had spent extended time in close contact with the infected employee are being tested, and remaining in self isolation until negative test results are provided. The building will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reopening. All employees have been alerted to what is going on and know to contact us of any changes to their health and test results.
We hope to see you soon. Stay safe.
Franklins General Store